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Can I use Business Trip Buddy for free?
Yes. Business Trip Buddy is absolutely free for individual travelers. However, we also offer a paid option for Travel Managers. Check out our Register Page for details.

Do I have to enter all of my trip information manually?
No. With Business Trip Buddy, there's no need to manually enter your travel itinerary details. Just email your confirmation documents to us and we'll do the rest!. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign Up for a Business Trip Buddy account.
  2. Forward your flight, hotel, and rental car confirmation emails to trips@businesstripbuddy.com.
  3. Business Trip Buddy will transform your emails into a travel itinerary so all of your details are in one place.
  4. We'll email you when your itinerary has been setup. Then you can view, edit, and append it anytime from any web-enabled device!
If you prefer, you can also add trips, details, and expenses manually using any web-enabled device.

How many trips can I track with Business Trip Buddy?
There is no limit to the number of trips (flights, hotels, rental cars, transports, and expenses) you can enter and track with Business Trip Buddy.

Is Business Trip Buddy only for business travelers?
No. Anyone can use Business Trip Buddy to track and plan their trips. However, we do offer several features specifically designed for the business traveler such as trip-level customer contact info, trip sharing, updating calendars, map links, phone links, expense tracking, expense reporting, and attachments.

Can I use Business Trip Buddy to track my travel expenses?
Yes. Business Trip Buddy lets you record travel related expenses in multiple categories including airfare, hotel, car rental, parking, meals, mileage, taxis, Uber, and more. You can also attach a document or photo receipt to each expense. And finally, you can print, preview, and export expense reports by trip or date range!

I'm responsible for keeping track of travel plans and expenses for a team of salespeople at my company. How can I get started with Business Trip Buddy?
  1. Sign Up for a Business Trip Buddy Travel Manager account.
  2. Click the 'Users' menu.
  3. From the 'Users' screen, you can add, edit, and delete users as well as access each user's 'Trips' screen.
  4. From the user's 'Trips' screen, you can:
    • Add, edit, and delete trips
    • Add, edit, and delete flights, hotels, and car rentals
    • Add, edit, and delete expenses
    • Print, preview, and export expense reports

Okay, I'm sold. What do I do next?
Sign Up for a free or paid Business Trip Buddy account today!

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