About Business Trip Buddy

We originally developed Business Trip Buddy back in 2010 for business travelers (ourselves included) who where sick of printing out confirmation documents from airlines, hotels, and rental car agencies and having to sift through them during business trips.

Today there are plenty of travel websites and apps available, but very few target the business traveler. We know you road worriors need to track information the average family on vacation is just not concerned with, like:

  • Tracking/Managing muliple trips
  • Trip names (client, project, event)
  • Trip addresses
  • Contact information
  • Trip status (Active, Completed, Cancelled)
  • Trip history
  • Reimbersable expenses

Business Trip Buddy is focused on these very things. In addition, we made it:

  • Easy - just email your confirmation documents to us and we'll do the rest
  • Accessible - works from any device (smartphone, tablet, labtop, desktop PC or Mac)
  • Flexible - add or change flights, hotels, rentals with a few clicks
  • Integrated - all phone numbers and addresses are clickable so you can call or map instantly
  • Sharable - share your travel itineraries with coworkers, associates, and family
  • And most of all, FREE!

So please try Business Trip Buddy today. Sign Up »

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